About Me

Majid Kashani

Graphic Designer – University Lecturer
Born In 1978
Manager and Founder of Daftar Studio (Graphic and Design Studio)
Master’s Degree in Graphic Desgin / Tarbiat Modarres University of Tehran , 2007
Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design / Fine Arts University, University of Tehran, 2004
Thesis : Review of Iranian Theatre Promotional Posters

Lecturing History:

-Invited as Lecturer:

  • Master’s, Fine Arts Compound, University of Tehran, 2018
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s, Sooreh University, 2014 – 2016
  • Bachelor’s, University of Science and Culture, 2012 – 2017
  • Bachelor’s, Azad University (Tehran East Branch), 2008 – 2011
  • Bachelor’s,Enghelab Eslami Technical College, 2011
  • Bachelor’s, University of Applied Science and Technology, 2006 – 2008
  • Lecturer for Poster Workshop in special institute, 2011 – 2016
  • Lecturer for Motion Graphic Design Course at Inverse Insitute, 2014 – 2015


-Founding Member at The Board of Association for Motion Graphic Designers of Iran, 2016
-Founding Member and Board Member  of the editorial counsil of Electronic Magazine for Graphic Design Analysis and Research (Garteh), 2009
-Member of the Policy Making Council of Young Artists Association, Art Academy (Visual Deputy), 2012
-Member of The First Board of Directors for “Theatre Poster Designers Association of Iran”, 2012 – 2013
-Member of The Council for Journalists for Technical Quarterly Magazine, Neshan, since 2011
-Design and Recreation of Studio and Daftar Fonts, 2018
-Technical Advisor for Art Workshop TV Show (Weekly show about Visual Arts), Channel Four, 2012
-Establishment of personal studio in Tehran, 2008
-Arts Director and Graphic Designer for Nokia in Iran, 2002 – 2008
-Cooperation with Unicef as Graphic Designer and Consultant, 2005 – 2007
-Arts Director, Khesht Aval Advertising Center, 2005 – 2008
-Graphic Designer and Arts Consultant at 11th and 12th International Festival for College Theatre in Iran, 2009 – 2010
-Cooperation with several publishing houses for designing book covers, since 2008
-Poster Design for Movies and Theatre, 2002
-Graphic Designer and Arts Director at several magazines, 2003
-Cooperation with Pelican Studio, Sanjesh Takmili, Ava-ye Mehrabani, Iranol and … as graphic designer, 2003 – 2004
-Member of the selecting council and referee at several graphic design exhibitions


-Writing more than 50 reviews and essays in technical websites and magazines for graphic design (Tandis Weekly, Neshan Quarterly, Magham Moosighaee Quarterly, Garteh Website, Rang Magazine Website, Pelleh Visual Arts Website and …), 2007
-Book “50 Theatre Posters from 10 Iranian Graphic Designers”, 2010
-Book “Poster, Picture and Thearte Scene Design”, Namayesh Publication, 2009
-Book “Shiva; 70”, Collection of Essays in Celeberation of Ghobad Shiva’s 70th Birthday, 2011
-Book “Garteh Annual”, Essays Selected from Garteh Website, 2012
-Book “Vitrin”, selected works and collection of essays about book cover design in Iran by Majid Kashani and Parisa Tashakkori, Mirdashti Publication, 2015

Technical Seminars and Lectures:

-The Tales of Majid: lecture, introduction of Daftar Studio’s activities at Qazvin Azad University, Feb/March 2018
-Revelation: lecture, introduction of Daftar Studio’s activities at Art University of Isfahan, 2016
-Graphic Pioneers in Iran: lecture, about graphic design in Iran at the design department of Iiun University, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 2014
-Something to Say: series of meetings in celeberation of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Tehran’s Fine Arts College at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (lecturers: Kianoosh Gharibpoor, Parisa Tashakkori, Majid Kashani)
-Graphic Design in Iran: Garteh meeting, 5 P.M., March/April 2013 at Iranian Artists Forum (lecturers: Ebrahim Haghighi, Alireza Mostafazadeh Ebrahimi, Majid Kashani)
-Journalism Graphics: technical meeting, review of journalism graphics in Iran, Feb/March 2012 at Iranian Journalists Forum (lecturers: Korosh Parsanejad, Amirhossein Ghoochibeig, Majid Kashani)
-Atf: series of technical meetings in review of book related graphic design, Jan/Feb 2012 at Hozeh Honari (lecturers: Ebrahim Haghighi, Korosh Parsanejad, Kianoosh Gharibpoor, Majid Kashani)
-Tanpoosh: meeting, review of book cover design,May/June 2012 at Tehran – Centeral Branch of Azad University of Art and Architecture (lecturers: Bijan Seifoori, Kianoosh Gharibpoor, Mahmoodreza Bahmanpoor, Majid Kashani)
-Shab-e Shiva: 70th birthday of Ghobad Shiva, Jan/Feb 2011 at Iranian Artists Forum (lecturers: Aidin Aghdashloo, Karim Nasr, Farzad Adibi, Majid Kashani)
-Be Bagh Hamsafaran: review of Poland’s contemporary graphic design, Sept/Oct 2011 at  Vije School (lecturers: Keshishtof Dido, Ebrahim Haghighi, Majid Kashani)
-Ayar: review of religious graphic design at IT Cultural Center, 2010 (lecturers: Farzad Adibi, Mohammad Ardalani, Majid Kashani)



  • “Vitrin” exhibition (selected works related to the history of book cover design in Iran), held by Majid Kashani and Parisa Tashakkori at Momayes Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum, May/June – July 2016
  • “50 Theatre Posters from 10 Iranian Graphic Designers”, held by Majid Kashani and Arash Tanhaee at Molavi Hall, April/May  2010
  • “Vajh Moshtarak (common grounds)” (common experiences from the students of Tehran’s Vije School and Lahijan’s Emad School) at Iranian Artists Forum, July/August 2014

Participation in foreign exhibitions

-Invited to:

  • “New Winds” (52 posters from Iranian artists,California, USA, 2018
  • “Iranian Garden”, Art History and Design Department, Michigan State Univesity, USA, 2017
  • “From Tehran to Taipei” (joint exhibition held by ten Iranian and Taiwanese artists, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015
  • “Oriental Design Week”, Turin, Italy, 2014
  • “Dalian International Graphic Design Bi-annual 2015”, China, 2015
  • “Golden Bee, 11th bi-annual graphic exhibition”, Russia, 2012
  • “Saraio Political Posters”, Bosnia, 2014
  • “Door az Nazdik Iranian Posters”, Tournai, Belgium, 2014
  • Participation in Bi-annual competition, Bolivia and Poland, 2013
  • “International Poster Design”, Turkey, 2013
  • “12th Graphic Bi-annual”, Mexico, 2012
  • “18th bi-annual poster design”, Lahti, Finland, 2011
  • “review of 32 years of book cover design in Iran”, selected by Reza Abedini, Kartakanta, Italy, 2010
  • “100 markers of persian texts”, selected by Majid Abbasi, Newsiberesk, Siberia, Russia, 2010
  • “Online Wallposters”, Posterpage website, Poland, 2010
  • “9th Bi-annual Golden Bee Graphic Design”, Moscow, Russia, 2010
  • “Iranian Look – Negah Irani”, Loyola University, Lima, Peru, 2010
  • “Dialoge”, Andenken Gallery, Colorado, USA, 2009
  • “12h Bi-annual Theatre Poster Design”, Poland, 2009

Participation in Domestic Exhibitions:

-“Annual Silver Cedar 2,3,4”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2013 – 2016
-“5th and 6th Fajr Visual Arts Festival”, Niavaran Cultural Center, 2013 – 2014
-“Theatre Poster, 31th Fajr Theatre Festival, Abolfazl Aali Gallery, 2013
-“Sky City Poster Festival”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2013
-“9th, 10th,11th,12th and 13th Annual Picture Festival, Poster Section”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2013 – 2017
-“Gereh, selected works from Iranian Graphic Designers”, Yazd, May/June 2012
-“Theatre Posters Exhibition in celeberation of Theatre Week”, Iranian Artists Forum, April/May 2012
-“Theatre Posters, 31th International Fajr Festival”, Tehran, 2011
-“Divarkoob Poster Exhibition”, Tehran, Semnan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, 2011
-“Selected Iranian Theatre Posters”, Shiraz, 2011
-“Ashoora Posters”, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Isfahan, 2011
-“50 Theatre Posters from 10 Iranian Graphic Designers”, Molavi Hall, 2010
-“9th Bi-Annual Iranian Graphic Design “, Saba Gallery, Tehran, 2008
-“Iranian Graphic Design book of the year”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2009
-“25 Years of Iranian Theatre Posters”, Saba Gallery, Tehran, 2009
-“Posters from five generations”, Saba Gallery, Tehran, 2007
-“2nd and 3rd “Bi-annual Islamic Posters”, Saba Gallery, 2008 – 2010
-“Pictures from Religious Ceremonies”, City Photo House Museum, Tehran, 2007
-“Pictures from Tehran University Students”, Tehran Gallery, 2002


-“10th Tehran International Animation Festival , Motion Graphic Design”, Tehran, 2017
Arbitrators:  Saeed Zare, Mojtaba Danande, Majid Kashani
-“35th Fajr Theatre Festival, Theatre Poster Competition”, Tehran, 2017
Arbitrators: Ghobad Shiva, Maziar Tehrani, Majid Kashani
-“Baharestan Urban Graphic Design Fesival”, Tehran, Tehran Municipality Embelishment Department, 2016
Arbitrators: Bijan Safoori, Pejman Rahimizadeh, Homa Deloray, Mohammadreza Abdolali, Majid Kashani
-“Member of the selecting committee for Silver Cedar Festival”, Iranian Graphic Desiners Association, 2014
Selecting Committee: Shahrzad Asfarjani, Behzad Javanbakht, Asadolah Chehrepardaz, Pedram Harbi, Ali Khorshidpoor, Maryam Anayeni, Majid Kashani)
-“Poster Design for Special Occasions”, Tehran Municipality Embelishment Department, 2013
Arbitrators: Korosh Parsanejad, Amir Abdolhosseini, Majid Kashani
-“National Competition, Razavi Typographic Posters, South Khorasan Province, Birjand, 2013
Arbitrators: Iraj Mirzaalikhani, Majid Kashani
-“Sky City Posters”, Tehran, Tehran Municipality Embelishment Department, 2013
Arbitrators: Bijan Seifoorim Farzad Adibi, Parisa Tashakkori, Kianoosh Gharibpoor, Majid Kashani
-“World Graphic Design Day Posters”, Isfahan, Graphic Design Forum, 2013
Arbitrators: Mohammadali Nasehi, Amirhossein Ghoochi, Majid Kashani
-“9th Picture of the year, Graphic Section”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2012
Arbitrators: Aidin Aghdashloo, Ghobad Shiva, Ebrahim Haghighi, Saed Meshki, Farzad Adibi, Majid Kashani
-“2nd Omid Workshop Theatre Festival”, Karnameh Publicaion, Samandarian Institute, Tehran Theatre School, 2012
Arbitrators: Ghobad Shiva, Maziar Tehrani, Majid Kashani
-“Traffic Culture Competition”, Iran Traffic Police, 2012
Arbitrators: Onish Aminollahi, Behzad Javanbakht, Arash Tanhaee, Majid Kashani
-“13th Bi-annual Defa-e Moghaddas Book Festival, Book Cover Design Section”, 2011
Arbitrators: Amrollah Farhadi, Parisa Tashakkori, Saeed Babavand, Majid Kashani
-“12th International Festival for University Theatre in Iran, Poster Section”, 2010


-Technical poster design, Daftar Studio, since 2017
-Urban Graphic Design, Tehran Municipality (Baharestan), Barg Cultural Center, 2016
-Poster Design, Parcham Festival, Vije School , 2014
-Poster Design, Karaj, Alborz Graphic Forum, 2014
-Theatre Poster Design, Lahijan, Emad Art Forum, 2013
-Poster Design, subject: Tehran, Shamseh Festival, 2013
-Poster Design, Sooreh University of Art, 2013
-Poster Design, South Khorasan Province, Birjand, 2013
-Theatre Poster Design, Iranian Artists Forum, 2013
-Poster Design, Collaboration with Alexander Faldin (Russian and Pekalori (Finland), Imam Ali Museum, 2013
-Two-day Poster Design, Shahed University, Fall – 2010
-Visual Creativity in Poster Design, Azad University, Tehran East Branch, 2011


-Nominated for Best Cinematic Title-making, 16th Cinema House Festival, Milad Tower, Tehran, 2015
-Best Poster, Silver Cedar 2, Selected by members (second annual exhibition of members of Iranian Graphic Designers Assocation), Iranian Artists Forum, 2012
-Nominated for Best Visual Identity, Silver Cedar, second annual exhibition of members of Iranian Graphic Designers Assocation, Iranian Artists Forum, 2012
-Selected by Iranian Graphic Designers Association, Poster Design Section, 9th Bi-annual Iranian Graphic Design, Saba Gallery, Tehran, 2008
-Best Book Cover Design for 1391 (2013-4), Cultural Center for Children, 2014
-Second Place, Best Theatre Poster, 32th Fajr International Theatre Festival, Jan/Feb Tehran 2011
-Third Place, “25 Years of Iranian Posters Exhibition”, 25th Fajr Theatre Festival, ehran, 2008
-Nominated for Best Book Cover Design, Roozi Roozegari (Once Upon a Time) Festival, Tehran, 2011
-Honorary Diploma and Second Place in “3rd Ashoora Posters Festival”, Iranian Artists Forum, 2009
-Selected by Young Art Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007

Interviews and Introductions:

-Interview about Personal Life and Professional Career, Radio Graphist Podcast, Feb/March 2018
-Interview about the history of Cinema Posters, Cheshm Shab Roshan Show, Channel Four, Fall – 2017
-Interview with “Herfe- Honarmand (Artist – Career), Special Graphic Design Edition, No. 62, Winter 2016
-Introduction of Activities and Works in Tandis bi-weekly magazine, No. 227, July 3, 2012
-Roozrang Website
-Rang Website
-Interview about book cover designs, Garteh (book), Aban Publications, 2012