“Herman” Painting Exhibition Poster
October 20, 2018
11th International University Theater Annual
October 5, 2018

12th International University Theater Annual

I wanted this poster to be completely different from the previous year’s poster. In this poster my main focus was on the concept on theatre. I tried not to use colors like I did in the past year’s poster I’ve designed for the festival. For this poster I’ve once again commissioned a pantomime actor to come to the studio and just act and do whatever he wants to do and photographed him.

The folded papers in the top part of the poster relates to multiple performances in the festival occurring at the same time in different theatre halls.

The typeface I’ve used in this poster is a typeface I’ve designed based on Iranian “Kufi Bana’I” calligraphy for my personal use. Although it never became a font, but I’ve used it as it was in several posters. This typeface had both English and Persian characters which I could use for designs that were multi-language.