“Obstruction” Painting Exhibition Poster
October 27, 2018
“New Moon” Concert Poster
October 20, 2018

ِDrawing Group Exhibition Poster

This exhibition was held in Iranian Artists Forum and some of the most notable contemporary Iranian artists had their works presented in this event. I designed this poster while I was on a vacation, I drew the artwork and scanned it later on when I came back to Tehran. This poster actually was the result of a long-time joke between my friend “Majid Fat’hi Zadeh” and I. I used to tell him you draw so much that if I crack up your skull see through it, there will be nothing in there but some torn apart papers and a lot of pencils. Majid was one of the artists who had their works being presented in the exhibition and I used this joke to design this poster and the result came out pleasing for me.