11th International University Theater Annual
October 5, 2018
We Only Live Twice Movie
October 5, 2018

“Domino” Photography Exhibition Poster

Domino was an exhibition held by two of my friends, Ali and Ramyar. They do stage photography and this exhibition was a collection of their works. The theme of their photographs was political and mostly about “Arab Spring”. Domino was a political term used for Arab Spring. It all started with one country and after that all the countries’ states fell down just like domino blocks. Ali and Ramyar thought to themselves what would happen in one of these domino blocks were Iran and visualized the answers they had in the form of photography.

In this poster I’ve tried to show my own view of a domino like event which eventually leads to destruction. I thought of a falling country as a train which gets off track because of the doing of powerful countries. Even if they just push one wagon, the whole train falls down.