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October 5, 2018

Kalhor Project

Kalhor project was initially supposed to be a collection of Keyhan Kalhor’s most notable albums but after several sessions of conversation with Mr.Kalhor, we decided to present the albums in another form: a book.

In this book, every album has its own chapter and each chapter is designed around an abstract symbol I’ve designed for it. I used these symbols in teasing motion graphics, as patterns in the book and as individual design elements. The book itself became something completely new in the music atmosphere of Iran, a book in which you can find best works of a musician to listen to and also read about him and his work.The typeface used in this book is “Daftar” typeface which is a redesigned typeface based on an old persian font used in books, newspapers and magazines in more than a century ago.

Throughout the design process of the book, Mr.Kalhor and I felt the need of a logo for both the project and Mr.Kalhor himself. Thus the Kalhor logo was born based on persian calligraphy and the most iconic image related to Mr.Kalhor, a Kamancheh. I also designed a signature for him based on the logo which is being used by him since then.

Finally, for the announcement of the book, a ceremony was held at “Niavaran Palace” and I was asked to design a set for the event. My idea for the set design was to bring the atmosphere of the book to life. So i designed the whole place based on the design and the layout of the book with an emphasis on typography and calligraphy.