“Someone is Always an Exception” invitational poster exhibition
December 16, 2018
“Reflection of Silence” Concert Poster
November 1, 2018

“Kathmandu” Photography Exhibition Poster

This exhibition was held by my good friends Ali and Ramyar. This exhibition’s theme was about Iranian people’s interest in curtains. We always hang curtains in our houses. This phenomenon is in paradox with function of windows. Windows are placed on the walls so we can see outside but curtains block our sight. In Iran people are always curious to see what is inside other people’s houses and if they find the slightest chance to see through someone’s curtains, they would most probably do it. These two photographers grabbed their camera and stage scenes in with the photographer is that curious Iranian person who is seeing through other people’s windows. They made different scenarios and stages for this project and photographed them. Among photographs, there were people dancing, a couple cuddling, a family eating dinner etc. the interesting fact about this exhibition was that it was banned and cancelled after the opening. This occurrence made the whole exhibition and poster come together and have a deeper meaning.