“Man” Photography and Videography Group Exhibition Poster
November 1, 2018
“Groupage” Photography Exhibition Poster
October 27, 2018

“Morteza Momayez 10th Commemoration Day” Poster

Every year, Momayez foundation invites a foreign graphic designer to Iran for this event. This year’s event was of high importance for Momayez’ family because it was the tenth year after Morteza Momayez has passed away. Momayez family and I have talked a lot about this event and we all agreed that Morteza Momayez’ poster must include his portrait. This year’s invited graphic designer was Michel Bouvet, famous French graphic designer. I have drawn both bouvet and Momayez’ portraits for the poster. There’s a funny story behind this poster too. I didn’t have pictures of Momayez and Bouvet in the poses I wanted, so I have photographed my father in law in different poses and used those to design this poster. I have also used two brush strokes behind their heads which I borrowed from one of Momayez’ old posters for the movie “stranger and fog”. Bouvet’s hair and his glasses also make the France flag. This work was printed on reflective silver poster which gave a popping feature to it. These posters could be used separately too without sacrificing much of the artwork. When they were mounted together though, they became one huge poster, adding to its popping feature.